Magic fish - 2 pages

Get to know the marine world and refine your motor skills

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The booklet "Magical Fish" invites you to an exciting sea adventure. There are many colorful inhabitants to discover both on land and in the water. A fun companion for the next trip and a special gift for children from 2 years.
Magic fish - 2 pages

Beautifully designed books that entertain and at the same time promote the child's cognitive, motor and social development

- Bonita Turner, Junior Editor

Meaningful Play

This play essential enhances specific cognitive, fine motor and social & emotional skills. Find out which milestones they cover below.

Cognitive milestones

Visual Perception

Problem Solving

Logical Thinking

Hand-eye Coordination


Fine motor skills


Zip up and Down



Button and Unbotton

Using hook and eye

Social and emotional development



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