Tips & Tricks for the care of your Quiet Book

Tipps & Tricks zur Pflege deines Quiet Books

You know what's great about Quiet Books by Jolly Designs? The felt and cotton fabrics used to make our books are really easy to clean. After all, natural fibers don't attract much dirt and can be cleaned quite easily. If it's just a small stain, you can carefully treat the area directly. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also simply wash the whole Quiet Book.

You will need:

  • a mild handwashing detergent, preferably liquid and fragrance-free
  • lukewarm water
  • a terry towel
  • optional: a laundry net and an iron

If you only want to clean a part of the book, first pour some lukewarm water on the affected area. Now dab the dirty surface with some hand wash and work it into the fabric, either by hand or with a soft toothbrush.

Our extra tip: For easier application, you can also mix the lukewarm water and the handwashing detergent and put them together in a small spray bottle to be able to treat stains very specifically.

Allow the hand wash to work for a short time, making sure that the fabric does not dry out. Then wet the entire side and rinse thoroughly with water until all residue from the hand wash has been removed.

Avoid unnecessary wringing. Placing the page between two layers of a terry towel and gently squeezing it will absorb the moisture more quickly. Then allow the Quiet Book to dry thoroughly, standing upright with the pages open. If there are small dents or the page has curled slightly due to the moisture, you can gently pull the fabric into shape and then iron it carefully with the iron on the lowest setting. Place a thin tea towel or kitchen paper between the fabric and the iron to avoid damaging the appliqué.

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Our Quiet Books can also be washed in the washing machine on a delicate/wool cycle. Again, it is important that you use a delicate or wool detergent without fragrances. You should definitely avoid fabric softener.

All loose parts of the book should first be put into a small washing net, then into the drum. The book itself can be put in the washing machine. Select a low temperature (maximum 30°C) and a low spin cycle. After the book has been washed, let it air dry together with all the loose parts. If the Quiet Book is warped, gently pull it into shape before drying and iron it as described above.

All Jolly Designs products are made for curious children's hands, which is why they are so durable. Each of our books therefore comes with a practical 100% cotton storage bag so that the Quiet Book can be quickly stowed away after playing or easily transported in the diaper bag and suitcase without anything getting lost or soiled.

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